UK Based Online Personal Trainers

UK Online Personal Trainers

Our team of online personal trainers are here to get you long-lasting weight loss results, a toned physique, and an improved level of fitness that helps you feel energised.




What is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training is a form of coaching where the trainer communicates with clients through email, texts, phone calls, and platforms like Zoom and Skype. Instead of dealing with the many limitations of in-person training, online trainers can provide services when clients need them quickly and cost-effectively.

A notable benefit is that clients receive most of the guidance through files: spreadsheets, PDF files, videos, voice messages, and similar. They own the information and can refer back to it as many times as needed, making it easy to retain knowledge and apply it effectively.

Another advantage of online training is that clients are not constrained by geography or their local pool of trainers. This allows them to work with experts from all over the world and train in any gym they want or at home.

In essence, online personal training provides the fitness guidance, accountability, and motivation people need to reach their goals and become independent athletes.




How Does Online Training Work?

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Tell us a little about you and your goals via our question form. We will pass your details on to one of our personal trainers that suits your needs best.

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Discuss your situation, goals, available training equipment, schedule, and other life details via email or phone call​​​​​​.

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Depending on the package you choose, either start your 1-2-1 video call sessions, or receive your training and nutrition plan and other information in PDF format.


Beyond the initial steps, the process involves:

1.    Completing a health questionnaire.
2.    Filling in the necessary files with information (circumference measurements, training performance, body weight, diet adherence, etc.).
3.    Receive weekly check-ins with updates to your fitness plan based on the feedback you provide, to determine how you’re improving.

Working with an online trainer takes some pressure off because you have enough freedom to do things without someone breathing down your neck. You still have to be consistent and update your coach, but the process feels less demanding, and you don’t have to spend several hours per week with your trainer.



Which Online Personal Training Package is Right For Me?

Here at The Fit Class, we offer two packages to choose from - either 1-2-1 video call sessions or a "Do It Yourself" package. Both of our online training packages will help with exercise, nutrition, and overall recovery, however, there are a few things that set them apart.

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1-2-1 video personal training

With 1-2-1 video personal training, you will directly receive guidance during your workouts, leading to better technique, accountability, and ensuring you are working at the right level of effort.

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Do It Yourself

With our "Do It Yourself" online training package, you will receive a training plan and then have the freedom to execute it independently. This is best suited to those who like having the flexibility to train when they like, but it might be challenging for those who prefer in-person accountability and motivation.​​​​​


What our Online Personal Training Packages Include

Custom Workout Plans

We understand there is no "one size fits all" approach to fitness, which is why during your free consultation, your personal trainer will discuss everything with you from your goals, your abilities, your current fitness level, what you like doing, and what you hate. From there, they will then go away and create a plan that is totally unique to you.


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Personal Training Fitness Guides

Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance

On top of the training plans, our online personal trainers will provide sustainable nutritional guidance and provide you with specific suggestions for aligning your eating habits with your goals. Our online personal trainers will also educate you on proper recovery with practical tips for sleep, programming, activity outside the gym, active recovery techniques, and more.


Weekly Check-ins With Your Personal Trainer

Each week, you and your personal trainer will have a video call to discuss how you are getting on with your plan & to make an alterations if necessary. Check-ins are a great way for you to discuss with your trainer anything you are unsure with, be it anything from how to perform a certain exercise - to how to monitor your diet on a night out.

online personal training

online personal training

Money-Back Guaranteed Results

We are so confident that you will get results following your personalised workout and diet plan, that we offer 100% money back guaranteed results, as long as our advice has been fully followed throughout the package, and weekly check-ins have been complete.



How can online personal training help you?

1. They Can Keep You Accountable

A huge benefit of working with an online trainer is the accountability factor. Knowing that someone expects you to show up every week or two is incredibly motivating and makes you much more likely to follow through, even when you don’t feel like it. Plus, paying for the guidance makes you more motivated to take full advantage of the knowledge you’re getting.

2. You Have More Flexibility and Freedom

Attending group fitness classes and working with a personal trainer at your local gym are two viable ways to stay active and get fit. The problem is that both options are limited on freedom and flexibility. Group classes have a schedule you must consider if you want to attend. So, if something comes up and you’re unable to make it to your workout at a specific time, you can’t do anything about it. 

Personal training is better because you can negotiate on which days and at what time to have your sessions, but it still feels rigid. 

Online training is much better because you don’t have to worry about your schedule. You can train whenever your schedule allows, so long as you do your weekly training. Second, an online coach can tweak your training during periods of travel, allowing you to stay active even if you’re limited to a small hotel gym or bodyweight training.

3. They Can Provide Assurance 

Fitness is unique because it fulfills and uplifts you. The problem is, you don’t always feel happy and sure of yourself. Often, going through the journey feels like you’re navigating through a dense jungle. You feel like you’re on the right track at times, but there is also a fair amount of doubt.

The great thing about working with an online trainer is that you receive the assurance you need to stay on track, keep working hard, and reach your goals. An online trainer achieves this by tracking your progress closely and making the necessary adjustments you need to navigate the terrain in front of you.

4. They Can Save You Time

A huge and overlooked benefit of working with an online coach is the time you save in the long run. Between researching best training practices, experimenting with different routines, and figuring out the best way to do exercises, training can be time-consuming.

Working with an online trainer is practical because they show you what to focus on and why. As a result, your fitness efforts become more streamlined, you achieve goals more quickly, and you save a lot of time that would otherwise go into research, reading forum posts, and more.

5. They Save You Money

Prevailing wisdom suggests that online coaching is expensive and only suitable for people with money to burn. But, here is the thing:

Online coaching is an investment that helps you in many ways, including saving money. For one, online coaching is usually cheaper than in-person training. Between the cost of individual sessions and commuting, working with a regular trainer can cost you a pretty penny. In contrast, an online coach will ask for a single monthly payment with no hidden costs or taxes.

A good online trainer can also educate you on supplementation and nutrition, which would stop you from wasting tons of money on ineffective diets and supplements.


Why Online Personal Training is Better Than In-Person Training

1. You’re Not Restricted By Geography

The most apparent benefit of working with an online trainer over an in-person coach is that you don’t have to settle. Instead, you can pick from numerous amazing coaches from all over the world and work with the one you think would be most fitting.

Of course, that benefit might not seem huge if you live in a place like New York City, but it is incredibly valuable for folks in smaller cities.

2. You’re Not Bound By a Gym

In-person training can certainly be beneficial, but it’s also more restrictive because you must coordinate with your coach. Doing so means arriving to the gym at a time that might not work for you.  

In contrast, working with an online trainer offers more flexibility because you don’t have to be at a particular location. Instead, you can do your workouts wherever it's most convenient, and all you have to do is update your trainer two to four times per month. You can even train at a home gym instead of paying for a membership, commuting, etc.

3. It’s Cheaper

Working with an online personal trainer is much cheaper than in-person training, though it may not seem so. With in-person training, you have to pay for individual sessions because your coach spends an hour with you. Even three to four sessions per month can add up. 

In contrast, working with an online trainer means paying a fixed monthly tax, which is often far less than what you would pay for in-person guidance.

4. You Have More Flexibility

A significant issue with in-person training is that you have to plan your days around your training sessions, which can be stressful for busier individuals. You might often feel worried about making the time for your session or losing the time you’ve bought.

On the other hand, online personal training is heaven for flexibility. You don’t have to worry about making a specific time because you’re not running sessions with your trainer. Instead, you can do things at your unique pace and train when it suits you. As a result, fitness becomes more enjoyable, and you’re more likely to keep going.

5. It’s Easier to Store Knowledge And Refer Back

The primary way to communicate with an in-person trainer is by talking to them. You share some information, then they respond, and you go back and forth until you’re on the same page. While beneficial and efficient, the issue is that retaining what you’re taught is more difficult and you might feel overwhelmed because the trainer is bombarding you with information. 

In contrast, an online trainer is better precisely because the information typically comes from videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. You can refer back as many times as you need to learn things at your pace.